Our camp is located in the center of the SITEP Base in EL-Borma near all SITEP amenities, wich allows it to make use of water, electricity and gas from SITEP networks (advantage: no noise of generators)

It includes:


  • Porta-cabin accommodations
  • Kitchen, equipped with fire and smoke detectors
  • A restaurant for 50 people
  • Cold rooms and storage rooms
  • Car park
  • A laundry room, equipped with a washing machine, a dryer and an ironing board for clothes and bed sheets


Porta-cabin accommodations





Each Porta-cabin as per standard specifications is fully equipped with:


  • Showers, with the adequate toiletries, and daily refillement
  • Closets and chairs
  • Air conditioner, heating, TV plasma,, wi-fi, etc.
  • Different household linen, replaced weekly, or when needed



  • All porta-cabins, along with the kitchen, are equipped with fire and smoke detectors
  • Our camp is fenced and will be soon equipped with surveillance cameras
  • Medical care is provided at the SITEP Medical Centre which is located 600m from our residential camp
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